BRAZILBILLY: The JesseLee Jones Story (Book)


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Of proud Italian descent, JesseLee Jones was born in São Paulo, Brazil. Years later, when he became an American citizen, a piano was brought into the courtroom, in Peoria, IL, and JesseLee sung “America the Beautiful” for all present. Within days, he and his band flew to the Middle East to encourage American Soldiers during Desert Storm.

Today he lives in Nashville, TN, and continues to promote God and Country. In fact, he owns The Nashville Palace and Robert’s Western World, two internationally famous honkytonks in Music City. At both locations, the Appalachian Hillbilly sound is celebrated in every respect, along with the roots of Western Swing, and all Traditional Country Music! When a local minister asked for permission to have worship services at Robert’s on Sunday mornings, JesseLee did not hesitate to say yes. He says yes to almost all opportunities afforded him to show his appreciation for his American citizenship.

Read the full, extraordinary story of JesseLee Jones for yourself!

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